Centrus Spotlight with Electric Land

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About Electric Land

Electric Land, established in 2015, has been instrumental in identifying and securing prime land for renewable projects. It’s platform is delivering a growing pipeline of best in class assets by securing predominately freehold land, viable grid and required utility connections and planning permission, and leasing it ‘Ready-to-Build’ to operators. All assets are held long term in Electric Land’s investment portfolio. 

With an impressive portfolio spanning 650 acres across 32 sites in the UK, Electric Land hosts a diverse range of projects including solar, wind, battery storage, electric vehicle charging, and flexible generation infrastructure. Owned by FPC, Electric Land’s commitment to long-term investment in sustainable energy infrastructure is truly commendable.

Centrus Spotlight with Electric Land

In our first Centrus Spotlight episode, Omer Fazal, Managing Director and Head of Real Estate at Centrus, sat down with Stephen Lansman, Chairman at Foundation Property & Capital Group and Electric Land, to delve into the unique characteristics of this specialised asset class and the appeal it holds for institutional real asset investors. For Stephen, these include: 

  • Secure Ground Rent Income: Electric Land’s assets provide a stable and secure income stream, making them highly appealing to institutional investors seeking low-risk opportunities.
  • Scarcity and Importance of Grid-Connected Land: Grid-connected land, essential for housing energy generating and storage infrastructure, is in high demand and difficult to develop, ensuring sustained interest in Electric Land’s sites.
  • Long Leases and Permanent Use: The strong demand for Electric Land’s sites results in long leases, potentially permanent use, and ultra-secure rents, with rental values likely to increase over time.
  • Index-Linked Rents: Rents are often index-linked, providing investors with a hedge against inflation and ensuring consistent returns.
  • Increased Land Value: As tenants invest in infrastructure on Electric Land’s sites, the underlying land’s value significantly and permanently increases, offering additional long-term benefits for investors.

Electric Land is now seeking a cornerstone institutional investor to support the growth of the portfolio and Centrus has been retained as the exclusive financial advisor. For more information, please contact Omer Fazal.