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in investor solutions and ESG-Linked hedging markets


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across the UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Greece, France, the Nordics and the US

in investor solutions and ESG-Linked hedging markets

of executed hedging transactions in the past 12 months



Our experienced risk management professionals advise corporate, financial sponsor, institutional and public sector clients. We help them to develop and execute strategies, to achieve their financial objectives, manage risks and navigate market volatility, whilst unpacking complexity and minimising transactional costs.

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Interest Rate & Inflation Hedging:

We can assess the impact of widespread economic change on business and financial performance.

Power Hedging, PPAs and Private Wire Renewables:

Our team manages risk and reduces financial uncertainty for clients engaged in renewable energy projects.

Commodity & Currency Hedging:

Clients can consult with our advisors on which strategies offer a smoother cost profile and protect their returns on investments.

Institutional Investor Solutions & Structured Lending:

Learn how our network of contacts can help you acquire new assets while remaining cognisant of risks.

Swap Restructuring & Unwinds:

We’ve supported a broad range of clients on the efficient execution of swap restructuring projects, especially in the energy & utilities sector.

Price Benchmarking & Execution Support:

Our clients will embark on hedging projects with the support of our experienced team and expert market insights.

Price Benchmarking & Execution Support:

Our clients will embark on funding projects with the support of our holistic approach and expert market insights.

our people

Meet our experts in Hedging and Risk Management

Adrian Li

Managing Director
Adrian has over 16 years of investment banking and financial advisory experience focused on...

Mark Taheny

Senior Director
As Senior Director, Mark has lead the debt financing and hedging of a number of significant...

Ivan McKinlay

Assistant Director
Ivan joined Centrus in the Autumn of 2016 soon after graduating from the University of Warwick...

Jason Murphy

Managing Director and Centrus Advisors Limited CEO
Jason is co-founder and CEO of Centrus in Ireland and also sits on the group’s board of directors...

Geoff Knight

Managing Director
Geoff has over 20 years of investment banking experience gained at RBC Capital Markets and Lloyds...

Lawrence Gill

Lawrence is a financial modeller and advisor with experience across a wide variety of transactions...

John Tattersall

Managing Director
John is a highly skilled corporate finance professional drawing on over 15 years’ experience...
Latest updates

Our credentials

Centrus supports InfraRed with the implementation of CPI hedging

28.03.22 “Centrus supported us through this CPI hedging transaction, they actively managed the process from start to finish and their analysis helped us build robustness into the cashflows and real equity returns under different inflation scenarios.”

Ben Smith Portfolio Management – InfraRed Capital Partners

Centrus supports Equitix transition from LIBOR to SONIA

16.02.22 “Centrus´ expertise and project management skills helped us transition from LIBOR to SONIA on over 100 different financing platforms. This also involved managing a range of stakeholders, including 40+ existing lending relationships. We are delighted with their support, which resulted in significant efficiencies.”

Sophia Thorpe-Costa Director – Equitix

Centrus advises ESB on £550m multi-tranche derivative portfolio

“ESB engaged Centrus to support in formulating its strategy to manage inflation risk on certain UK assets, particularly its existing UK RPI derivative portfolio.”

Mark Taheny Director - Centrus

Centrus arranges £145m funding for South Staffordshire Plc

“Centrus’ support throughout this process enabled the group to reinforce its capital structure via a dual-track liability management and fundraise process, delivered in a tight timetable and on competitive terms.”

Rob O’Malley Group CFO – South Staffordshire Plc

Centrus advises TRIG on its first ESG-linked inflation hedging transaction

“TRIG is delighted to have worked with Centrus and its hedging banks to implement a ground-breaking sustainability-linked inflation hedging agreement. We are committed to embedding sustainability into all our activities across the full investment cycle to help ensure sustainable returns for our investors.”

Phil George Head of Portfolio Management - TRIG

Centrus advises Yorkshire Water on restructuring index linked derivatives with mandatory breaks in 2023

“We are really pleased to have delivered on our commitment to manage mandatory breaks on our derivatives portfolio in a timely and efficient manner and I would like to thank our counterparties and our advisors, Centrus, for delivering a great result for the Yorkshire Water business.”

David Gregg Head of Corporate Finance - Yorkshire Water

Centrus advises Affinity Water on CPI hedging programme

Through volatile markets, Centrus advised Affinity Water (“AW”) on the successful completion of a large CPI hedging programme across multiple tranches and a wide range of counterparties.

Centrus advises Ventient Energy on €1bn of interest rate swaps

“This landmark transaction for Ventient successfully allows it to establish a renewable platform outside of the UK. Centrus was able to assist in the evaluation of the associated pre-hedging and long-term hedging strategy to manage risk in the current negative interest rate environment. This ultimately led to an effective and value accretive solution for our clients at relatively low cost.”

Geoff Knight Managing Director - Centrus

Centrus advises USS on £100m preferred equity renewables investment

“Centrus advised The Universities Superannuation Scheme (“USS”) on the completion of a £100m Preferred Equity investment in NextEnergy Solar Fund Ltd (“NESF”), made via USS’ L1 Renewables investment vehicle. USS is one of the UK’s largest pension schemes, providing pension plans to 440,000 members and has in excess of £68bn invested in public and private markets.”

Adrian Li Managing Director - Centrus

Centrus to advise the CAA in relation to Heathrow’s expansion plans and price control

“We are delighted to have been appointed to advise the CAA on the basis of our experience and expertise in infrastructure financing. We look forward to working with the CAA and other stakeholders over the medium term to help deliver a successful outcome.”

Geoff Knight Managing Director - Centrus

Centrus offers Risk Reporting & Derivative Valuation Services for Virgin Atlantic

“The Centrus Analytics platform has enabled us to reduce the number of treasury systems in use, delivering a significant cost saving to the company. Our reports come through early each morning, fully customised to our requirements. This enables us to make informed decisions sooner and frees up capacity within the team.”

Paul Robbins Portfolio Risk Manager - Virgin Atlantic

Centrus advises Electricity North West on successful £68m index-linked swap restructuring

“This is the third time that Centrus has supported the Electricity North West group in successfully implementing a bifurcated derivative structure which demonstrates our capability in specialist capital market and derivative advisory and also shows the continued accessibility of the investor pool in this limited market.”

Geoff Knight Managing Director - Centrus
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