Centrus enhances Capital Letters’ financial business plan model, providing Board reporting and assurance​

Engagement Overview

The Capital Letters (CL) mission is to respond to, and address London’s homelessness crisis. Since 2019, CL has procured nearly 6,500 properties for those in need.​

Centrus was engaged to assess and refine CL’s business planning model. This involved reviewing the appropriateness of existing assumptions and integrating additional functionalities to improve accuracy.​

Once the model was refined, Centrus presented an overview of the business plan including the appropriateness of assumptions and conclusions drawn from the plan to CL’s Board. This provided CL’s Board with both confidence and assurance that the plan was based on Informed assumptions and driven by a best-in-class model.​

Centrus’ Solution and Value Add

  • Modelling Expertise: enabled challenge and real assurance on technical aspects underpinning the review. Centrus assessed CL’s model, running checks to understand model functionality, accuracy and the appropriateness of the assumptions. Our team then refined the model, updating it to include integrated financial statements and stress testing capability.​
  • Governance Support and Clear Reporting: ensured a very broad range of stakeholders could engage, debate and be assured by the process and plan outputs. This was a real value-add to strategic decision-making.​
  • Holistic Service: Centrus was able to straddle both the technical and strategic aspects of the project to offer comprehensive advice.​

“We are extremely pleased with the business planning and assurance work completed by Centrus. They leveraged their sector expertise to provide a comprehensive assessment of Capital Letters’ business plan, complete with stress testing, mitigation planning, and assurance on planning assumptions to leave us assured that our business can continue to grow on a strong foundation.​

Centrus also presented their findings to our Board and ensured the proposal was clearly understood by all. Throughout this process the team have gone above and beyond and been invaluable support in our latest endeavours.”​

Sue Edmonds​, CEO – Capital Letters​

For more information, please contact Paul Stevens, Executive Director – Centrus

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