Centrus provides stress testing evaluation for Heylo Housing

Engagement overview

Heylo was established in 2014 and has since grown to become one of the UK’s leading shared ownership for-profit registered providers. ​

Heylo engaged Centrus to conduct a comprehensive stress test review, which included an evaluation of the stress tests, the testing process, results and proposed mitigants.​

Following the analysis, Centrus presented the findings to the Heylo Board, providing assurance that the stress testing adequately addressed potential risks to Heylo and incorporated appropriate mitigants.​

Centrus’ solution and value add

  • Benchmarking and insight: Centrus’ benchmarked existing tests against best practice within the sector and recommended new and alternative tests to ensure Heylo’s testing suite provided useful insight into the business plan’s resilience under challenging yet realistic scenarios.​
  • Analysis and comparison: Centrus assessed the effectiveness of each mitigant proposed by Heylo, including an appraisal of Heylo’s ability to implement each mitigant and a comparison to those used by other registered providers.​
  • Engagement and accessibility: We pride ourselves on our advice accessible and took great care to ensure all key stakeholders fully understood the analysis and were comfortable endorsing the testing approach.​

“We recently appointed Centrus to undertake a stress testing evaluation for our regulatory vehicle.​

Not only did we find them extremely responsive and completing the work quickly, we found their level of commentary and feedback valuable and at a quality above that we had received in previous years from other providers”​

Jonathan Conway​, Director of Corporate Finance – Heylo Housing ​

For more information, please contact Lawrence Gill, Director at Centrus

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