Flagship Housing Group implements titanTreasury


Flagship Housing Group (“Flagship”) has successfully completed the integration of titanTreasury, the Treasury Management System (TMS), delivered by Centrus.

Flagship provides 32,000 homes that house over 76,000 tenants in the East of England.

Flagship required an integrated TMS to calculate the rate of SONIA interest rates, calculate the cost of fix rate debt as well as automate the production of monthly treasury reports.

Centrus Solution

titanTreasury is an expert Treasury Management System (TMS) that offers financial departments and treasurers the best functionalities for monitoring and controlling operational market risk (rate, foreign exchange, commodities), credit and liquidity risks.

Centrus worked closely with the team involved in the treasury function at Flagship throughout the implementation, providing full training and support.

titanTreasury provides accuracy in calculating their Sonia-linked interest amounts and ensures that payments are made on the exact dates. With a complex syndicated loan, Flagship can rest assured that the system will help check their capital repayments as well as calculating the break cost value of their embedded fixes.

titanTreasury Benefits

  • Immediate access to treasury committee reports.
  • Control of liquidity and cash payments.
  • Clear view of debt maturity ladder.
  • Access to a compliance diary to track covenants review

With streamlined financial operations, Flagship is in a better position to focus on their target to solve the housing crisis in the East of England region.

“The implementation of titan went very smoothly and was a positive experience for the team. We were well supported throughout the process and ‘go live’ was reached with little drama.

We are looking forward to achieving the benefits of greater accuracy and improved reporting.”

Alex Fitzgerald, Head of Treasury and Regulation – Flagship Group

“We are thrilled to have added Flagship Housing Group to the growing list of housing association clients with titanTreasury.

With the ever-increasing pace of change, the remit of a treasurer is now much wider, having the responsibility of risk management, corporate finance, as well as partaking in the strategy and objectives of the business. Titan will help Flagship Housing manage its treasury and risk management processes from start-to-end, whilst minimising operational risk and improving reporting processes.”

Gilles Bonlong, Director – Centrus

For more information on titanTreasury, please contact Gilles Bonlong, Director at Centrus.

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