Jigsaw implements titanTreasury


Jigsaw Homes Group was looking for a solution to help the team transition away from legacy spreadsheets and move to a single point-of-truth solution to help with the daily management of complex debt structures.

The group’s debt portfolio comprises external bank debts containing embedded fixed rates, variable rates and bonds.

Jigsaw required an integrated TMS that would help with a flexible workflow process, calculate cashflow forecast, cost of debts and accounting accruals. It was important to have a bespoke solution that would help the users achieve more efficient reporting

Centrus Solution

titanTreasury is an expert Treasury and Risk Management System (TMS) that offers finance departments and treasurers the best functionalities for monitoring and controlling operational market risk (rate, foreign exchange, commodities), credit and liquidity risks.

Centrus worked closely with Jigsaw throughout the implementation, providing the team with training and support to use titanTreasury comfortably.

titanTreasury provides accuracy in calculating interest amounts and ensures that payments are made on the exact dates. 

Value Added

titanTreasury benefits: 

  • Immediate access to treasury committee reports and accounting reports. 
  • Control of cash payments. 
  • Clear view of debt maturity ladder.
  • Access to a compliance diary to track covenants review.

With streamlined financial operations, the Jigsaw team is better able to focus on its target of solving the housing crisis in the North West and East Midlands regions. 

The process of getting the detail of all our debt into titan was made as easy as possible for us.  The training we received was tailored to our requirements.”

Mark Wood, Head of Treasury – Jigsaw

“Use of the system should remove a lot of manual processes and checking, particularly at month and quarter ends, improving internal efficiencies.”

Karl Hearfield, Assistant Director of Treasury and Development – Jigsaw

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