NET Working – Hybrid Working at Centrus

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George Roffey, Chief Sustainability and People Officer - Centrus

The rise of hybrid working

Flexibility is currently the key word in the recruitment and operating model world.

Many different arrangements for the working week are in place, often changed to suit unique leadership, team and personal preferences.

There is no single solution or right answer but there is also too much challenging uncertainty…

Fully remote, fully returned, fully flexible, fully hybrid?

Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays (awkward acronym)?

How long for?

How will I be measured?

What is expected of a new joiner?

On a practical working and living level this uncertainty about the expectations of your role is unnerving. It impacts your decision making at many stages of your life and your career.

At Centrus there is no day that we are not grateful to work in roles that can be done from different locations. Employer and Employee earned the mutual trust to do this to a high standard during the pandemic, but we swiftly recognised that clarity on the working model as well as backing it up with committed policy and expectations was a very important next step.

What is NETworking?

Everyone is in a different situation and motivated by different factors. To respect this, through team input, feedback and trial we established Centrus NETworking:

Needs – Client, Group, Team, Role and Personal

Environment – different types of work suits different working environments

Transparency – Over communicate on where you are and where you will be

If you ever want to talk on our lessons learned or any other internal operational processes at Centrus please do get in touch with George Roffey, Chief Sustainability and People Officer at Centrus.