Webinar: The AssetCore Debate

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Registered Providers are under huge pressure to increase spend on fire safety measures and de-carbonisation, whilst simultaneously struggling to support vulnerable tenants, rent arrears and deliver new housing supply. Leading you through this veritable minefield, will be Julian Ashby and Simon Dow, Previous and Interim Chairs of The Social Housing Regulator, expertly held in line by Phil Jenkins, MD of Centrus.

This webinar covered:

  • What to do in a time of recession; sacrifice development with uncertainty about the cross subsidy model, or land bank?
  • Should you fill your boots with cheap fixed interest debt or worry about negative inflation and an unsustainable rent formula?
  • Are money in the bank and development opportunities a winning formula for attracting merger partners or is low debt per unit the honey trap?
  • Walking the tightrope between delivery and staying on the right side of the Regulator and the Credit Rating Agencies?

“Covid adds new dynamics to stress testing; but it has also illustrated new ways of doing business and new ways of engaging with residents.”

Julian Ashby, Chair – AssetCore

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