Webinar: UK’s Energy Transition – the move towards a hydrogen economy

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Green Hydrogen is seen as the next key step in generating heating for homes and fuel for transport. Whilst it has been talked about as the ‘fuel of the future’ since the 19th century, its promise is starting to be realised thanks to falling costs and scope for curbing emissions. The UK Government’s Energy White Paper sets out a picture of how we aim to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, but key questions remain…

  • Is there appropriate infrastructure for hydrogen as a fuel for transport?
  • How will hydrogen get to our homes?
  • Can hydrogen be produced cost effectively?
  • What is the UK govt doing to help and is this support fit for purpose?
  • Is this sector interesting for private finance?

Chaired by Terence Amako, head of M&A at Centrus, we have an exciting list of panellists helping us to answer these questions; joining us is John Morea, CEO at Scotia Gas Networks (SGN), David Surplus, Managing Director at B9 Energy, Martin Bradley, MD at Macquarie, and Thomas Studer, Technology & Innovation at Macquarie.

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