What is a treasury management system?

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Gilles Bonlong, Head of System Implementation - Centrus .

What is a Treasury Management System (TMS)? 

A Treasury Management System (TMS) is designed to help businesses manage their cash and liquidity, financial risk, and other treasury related processes.

A TMS can automate a variety of treasury tasks from routine calculations to transaction initiation. It also greatly facilitates analysis and forecasting of treasury and risk management, contributing to greater straight-through processing (STP).


titanTreasury™ is a robust and dynamic cloud based TMS that will support your company’s continuity and flexible business operations.

titan is deployed in a hosted environment, allowing our clients to benefit from ongoing maintenance, upgrades and system support. 

Our financial advisors review current treasury and risk workflows to enable the configuration of automated processes.

  • Cash Management: Clients can integrate non treasury related cashflows, manage intercompany transactions and control liquidity and bank reconciliation.
  • Operation Workflow: Enter transactions, generate payment confirmations and schedule tasks in a single platform for smooth operation management.
  • Regulatory Reporting & EMIR: titanTreasury generates an array of documents including declarations, debt profiles, EMIR and IFRS7/9/13 reports.
  • Estimated Budget Cashflow Forecast: Make sound decisions by calculating and managing forecasts while integrating the budget of subsidiaries.
  • Audit & Security: Remain compliant by managing profiles and user rights as well as encrypting all sensitive communication and data transfers.
  • Valuation & Position Analysis: Use the platform to carry out consolidation position, amortised cost and portfolio analysis, as well as market-to-market valuations.
  • Payment Schedules and Accounting: Track payment schedules, report accounting information and forecast P&L results for a seamless approach to treasury management.
  • Financial Data: Ensure that all of your valuations are accurate with real-time access to live financial market data and updated yield curves.
  • Risk Analysis and Hedge Accounting: Conduct sensitive analyses via stress tests, ‘what if scenarios’ and activity measurement as well as assess the risks of CVAs and DVAs.

To learn more about the benefits of titanTreasury™ or to book a demo, please contact Gilles Bonlong, Head of System Implementation at Centrus .

titanTreasury™ is owned and developed by 3V Finance, and delivered by Centrus.