What we mean by ‘Finance with Purpose’ 

Market Insight
Phil Jenkins, Managing Director - Centrus


A few years ago, we did some work around our brand and messaging with the excellent David Butcher of Communications and Content, the outcome of which was the adoption of a Centrus strapline that we’ve used ever since, Finance with Purpose

One of the reasons I love Finance with Purpose as a core mission statement for our business is that it encapsulates three core aspects of what Centrus believes in:

1. Our People

Our people are our most valued asset and I’m incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such a great team. They bring high levels of energy, talent and engagement to their work, consistently delivering innovative solutions and successful outcomes to our clients. We are absolutely committed to making Centrus a great place for people to learn, thrive and enjoy successful careers, allowing our people to work with a real sense of purpose and commitment.

2. Our Services

We are a financial group committed to sustainability, real assets and essential services. We are fortunate to have built a market leading position across sectors such as affordable housing, education, energy transition, water, infrastructure and transport – all of which deliver useful outcomes and positive impact to society. We are committed to responsible finance as a purposeful and positive force in enabling high quality infrastructure, services and employment while offering stable and reliable long term investment returns to those who need them. 

3. Our Business 

We have a real passion and belief in business and entrepreneurship as a force for good. As well as generating economic growth, great businesses provide employment, career opportunities and a positive impact on the communities within which they operate. We have had a long held commitment to these values and our recent certification as a B Corporation underlines this belief and sense of purpose in what we do. 

So, next time you see us using #FinancewithPurpose, hopefully you will have a better insight as to precisely what we mean!