Centrus Impact Report 2023

George Roffey, Chief Sustainability Officer - Centrus

Executive Summary

We are proud to publish our second Impact Report as a certified B Corporation. This shares our achievements, impact and ambitions across sustainability, social responsibility and governance with the lens on 2023.

“The macro-economic challenges and ESG backlash rose fervently in 2023.
In the face of these challenges Centrus remains committed to high standards of verified social, governance and environmental performance and has backed this up with public transparency and accountability. Our people and our purpose are backed by the delivery of bespoke solutions for projects, companies & assets that matter to people, communities & the environment”.
George Roffey, Chief Sustainability Officer at Centrus.

At Centrus, our sectors of operation have tangible impact on the environment and on society. As a service provider, our action and output on our value chain is far greater than our supply chain inputs and in this service provision, people are our most valued asset. So that our people know how their role contributes to ESG, we strive to set an exemplary internal footprint.

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