Centrus volunteers with Trees for Life

Centrus Communities
George Roffey, Chief Sustainability Officer - Centrus

Volunteering with Trees for Life at Dundreggan Rewilding Centre

It was a genuine treat to have supported Trees for Life in the beautiful Scottish Highlands last week.

Incredible weather, incredible teamwork, and incredible learning.

Centrus has been a corporate partner of Trees for Life for the last 3 years but this was our first physical volunteering contribution. The passion and knowledge across their team is outstanding and we were very lucky to be the ‘crash test dummies’ for their new Rewilding Centre in Dundreggan. It is a brilliant facility with excellent staff and volunteers. They are working hard to establish a sustainable ecosystem to the landscape, history and biodiversity while making sure people and the social impact are included on the way.

We helped over 2,000 Aspen Trees in their nursery journey, and we were taught huge amounts by the brilliant local team.

Special thanks to Catherine Faulkner and Stephen Couling for their organisation and hospitality. I can highly recommend the centre, and their work and I am very proud of our ongoing association with Trees for Life.

To learn more about Trees for Life and the Dundreggan Rewilding Centre, click here.