Centrus arranges £120m of long term debt for Edinburgh Investment Trust

The Edinburgh Investment Trust announced that it agreed to issue £120m of long-term, fixed rate, senior, unsecured privately placed notes as follows:

  • £35m 2.26% Notes maturing in 2037 settling on 29 September 2022
  • £35m 2.49% Notes maturing in 2047 settling on 29 September 2022
  • £20m 2.53% Notes maturing in 2051 settling on 7 October 2021
  • £30m 2.53% Notes maturing in 2057 settling on 29 September 2022

Three tranches, totalling £100m, settled on the 29th September 2022. The proceeds of these Notes will be used to repay the Company’s £100m 7.75% debenture, which matures in exactly a year’s time on 30 September 2022. A fourth tranche of £20m is new debt and will settle on 7 October 2021. The weighted average cost of the Notes from 1 October 2022 will be 2.44%. The Company also has a £25m bank revolving credit facility which is currently undrawn.

There is no change to the Company’s gearing policy. The Company is committed to the strategic use of borrowings with the aim of enhancing long-term returns to shareholders over time. The level of net gearing* on 31 August 2021 was 8.2% of net assets.

“We are delighted to have arranged attractively priced long-term debt to replace the existing debenture next year and to expand the amount of long-term debt available. A key differentiating feature of investment trusts is their ability to borrow to enhance long-term shareholder returns. This new debt, at a much lower cost than that of the debenture, will help us achieve this goal.”

Glen Suarez, Chairman – The Edinburgh Investment Trust

“The additional £20m of debt comes at an opportune time when we have several strong investment ideas competing for positions in the portfolio. We expect to put this capital to work progressively in the months ahead.”

James de Uphaugh, Portfolio Manager – The Edinburgh Investment Trust

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