Centrus Communities supports the Festival at the Hoptons Almshouses at the Blackfriars Settlement

On the 14th June 2019, a group of volunteers from Centrus in London spent the day at The Blackfriars Settlement through the support of HandsOn London.

Blackfriars Settlement has been a registered charity for over 130 years, helping to support the most vulnerable in the community.

On the day the volunteers helped deliver an outdoor festival for local residents and for some members of the Crusoe Club.  The Crusoe Club offers a welcome to all who are aged 50 or over and living with a sight impairment. The club prides itself in creating a warm atmosphere where friends can meet and new friends made.

The Centrus team helped prepare the food, the venue and then serving drinks and sandwiches when the guests arrived.  We learned how much social interaction, music and friendly faces make a positive difference for residents.

We live up to our values of contributing to the communities around us and we were delighted that this event gave us the opportunity to give something back.

Centrus Communities helps to refurb SHP hostel in Forest Hill

On the 13th June 2019, a team from Centrus in London helped in refurbishing a hostel in Forest Hill for the Single Homelessness Project (SHP). SHP are a London-wide charity working to prevent homelessness and help vulnerable and socially excluded people to transform their lives. The hostel in question houses 6 people, aged 16-22, who are offered 24-hour support to bring stability and a sense of ‘home’ and help them with the skills they need to move forward positively with their lives.

The team were split into two groups; one tasked with repainting the living room and the other to start remodeling the garden. The indoor team worked hard to transform the room from one with old decoration and painting to a modern and spacious place. Meanwhile the outdoor team tackled the building and repainting of benches and helped clear the general garden area to make it a more welcoming space.

It was a tiring but incredibly rewarding day, helping to improve and support the lives of both the staff and residents of such an important place.

Webinar: What ESG reporting means for UK social housing

Following the launch of the recent White Paper UK Social Housing – Building a sector standard approach to ESG reporting, we hosted the first in a series of webinars designed to discuss and develop the ESG reporting standards.

This webinar explained the drivers behind developing a standardised set of ESG criteria, and explored how it could benefit both housing associations and investors.

The detailed criteria can be found here.

Chair: Luke Cross, Social Housing, Editor, Social Housing

Speakers: Phil Jenkins (Manager Director, Centrus), Gareth Francis (Director of Treasury and Corporate Finance, Clarion Housing Group), Anthony Marriott (Head of Treasury/Finance, Peabody), Mark Davie (Director – Fixed income, M&G), Marcos Navarro (Director, Housing Finance, Commercial & Private Banking, NatWest), Sarah Forster (CEO, The Good Economy).

Centrus London office to join City Giving Day this September

The Centrus team is very pleased to be joining the growing City Giving Day group of supporting companies in September this year. Centrus Communities is a precious part of our company culture and working with inspiring charities reflects our core ambition to provide modern finance with purpose. If your company would also like to join, please follow this link to register: www.lordmayorsappeal.org/cgd

We had the chance to answer the Lor Mayor’s Appeal questiosn about why we are joining and what it means to us on the CITY AM 10 July 2019 edition.

Why are you supporting CGD?

Centrus Communities is a precious part of our company culture driving a good range of community initiatives. These are inspiring charities that work in the same sectors as our financial experts. The organisational and profile support from City Giving Day gives huge momentum to the internal and external awareness of these contributions.

It also adds further opportunities for action, whether with our time, donations or professional input.

Which charities do you support?

We focus on charities, specific projects or social enterprises within our sectors of work such as the housing sector. We offer probono support to these projects and social enterprises, for example structuring, financial modelling or business planning as well as volunteering employee and partner time across a range of activities.

How will you celebrate CGD?

We are signed up to the Tour de City, always relishing a challenge! It is also part of the fund raising and training for our May 2020 ‘Cycle with Purpose’ event in which we are riding between our London and Dublin offices. We will all be celebrating by supporting the Lord Mayor’s Appeal through dressing ourselves and our office in Red for the day.

Charity in action

We are supporting the Single Homeless Project (SHP) and the Lord Mayor’s Appeal. SHP is a London-wide charity working to prevent homelessness and help vulnerable and socially excluded people to transform their lives.

“Working with inspiring charities reflects our core ambition to provide modern finance with purpose. Being part of the City Giving Day further encourages this inspiration to bring out the best in our people and teams.”

George Roffey, Head of People, Culture and Brand said

5 reasons why titantreasury is in Deloitte’s top 8 TMS solutions

These are the five reasons why titan treasury is in Deloitte’s top 8 TMS solutions: delivery model, deployment time, frequency of updates, functionalities, but most importantly… because of it’s focus on people.

The Centrus Analytics and 3V Finance teams are very pleased to see that, after a few months of interviews and detailed answers to an extensive Request for Proposal (RFP), titantreasury has made it to Deloitte’s list of 8 leading Treasury Management Systems available to the UK market.

The Deloitte Treasury Technology Market Intelligence 2019 report, published this May, aims to help businesses map out their treasury strategy and requirements in order to find the best treasury management system vendor to match these needs and beyond.

The report is a market based review of today’s and tomorrow’s Treasury technologies and how their implementation, which could be seen as a challenge to most organisations, can actually be an opportunity to deploy creative solutions that deliver simpletransparent and efficient Treasury processes.

The report maps out the current Treasury Management System’s vendor market. Deloitte has surveyed 8 leading vendors, covering 14 individual systems, based on what the consultancy firm has observed most often amongst their clients.

The key comparison criteria between vendors were (1) delivery model, the (2) average deployment time, the (3) frequency of major platform upgrades and the (4) level of functionality coverage.

See below how titantreasury performed in each of these criteria:

1.Delivery model

delivery model titan treasury

titantreasury gives the users the delivery options to choose from that best suits their organisational needs.

2. Average deployment time

deployment time titan treasury

Disciplined communications, close project management and exceeding client expectations are key to sucessfully delivering a software between 3 to 5 months on average. We have pushed the limits on this by bringing our average implementation time in 2019 to less than 2 months. A detailed kick-off phase of understanding the client’s requirements, continued and frequent communications to align expectations, trasnparency around every step of the way and working together is what enables us to deliver quickly and efficiently for our clients.

3. Frequency of major platform updates

frequency of updates titan treasury

Upgrading once a year means users can plan ahead for major platform upgrades, request training for new functionalities, and the upgrades are free.

Each upgrade is communicated in advance through a client release detailing new functionalities and, if they are interested in any of the new functionilites, users can schedule the time

they suit them best for a training session. The client is the pilot for the upgrades.

4. Level of functionality coverage

functionalities titan treasury

There is a variance amongst the functional coverage but again with titantreasury this is driven by the client and their constraints. We believe in giving options to the clients to ensure the solution matches their needs, overcome their constraints and deliver on their objectives.

Beyond that we believe that there is a 5th reason why titantreasury stands out from the best TMS vendors available.

The 5th is the most important reason in our view. In the words of Deloitte’s own experts:

“Companies should make vendor and technology decisions that ‘best fit’ their individual businesses. This includes a vendor that understands your requirements, has the right deployment model, can integrate best resources of both teams and provides an application where the ‘feel and fit’ is in tune with the existing application landscape.”

5. Understanding the client and working as an extension of their team

At Centrus we believe in putting people first. That means understanding the client and working together every step of the way are essential part of how we work.

Although this is a key criteria when chosing the best TMS solution, it is a very difficult one to measure with a technical survey and RFPs like what has been done historically. However, for Centrus this is a key part of the project delivery, and our team works closely with clients, asking for feedback and quickly implementing the necessary actions to get to the best outcome possible.

titantreasury empowers treasury professionals to focus on value.

We help clients such as Pennon Group, Orbit Group, Irwell Valley Homes, A2Dominion, Carrefour, Accor Hotels and many others to make their lives easier.

If you’d like to like to book a demonstration with our team, please contact Gilles Bonlong, Director – Centrus


You can download the original report at Deloitte’s website clicking here.