Centrus ‘Average Joes’ at InfraRed’s charity dodgeball tournament

Dodge, dive, dip, duck and dodge…Thanks to InfraRed Capital Partners Ltd for teaching us the five D’s of dodgeball at their annual charity dodgeball event last week!

The event raised an incredible £38,000 for the InfraRed Foundation which supports schools that hire community engagement officers, inside and outside of their portfolio.

Well done to all competing teams and thank you to InfraRed for a wonderful evening.

Phil Jenkins on ‘Pulse of the City’ | City A.M.

City A.M. | Pulse of the City

In today’s economic landscape, businesses are navigating a storm of increased interest rates, inflation, and rising energy costs. But amidst these challenges, there’s a glimmer of hope for the future.

In City A.M.’s latest Pulse of the City episode, Phil Jenkins, Managing Director and CEO at Centrus, discusses the future of the City of London.

Part 1 | Adapting to a volatile market: challenges & optimism

Part 1 dives into the struggles faced by borrower companies, the quest for stability and adaptability in a volatile market, and the painful adjustment to a high-interest rate environment economic challenges.

Part 2 | Purpose-driven culture: attracting top talent in London

In Part 2, Phil discusses the city’s changing landscape, including the rebound in office attendance and the challenges of flexible work arrangements. Phil also shares a vision for a greener and more diverse London, with improved amenities and attractions.

You can watch more episodes from the Pulse of the City video series at Cityam.com.